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Our Service & Purpose

The service provides medium & long term carer for children and young people aged between 08 – 18 years who have experienced behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

Therapeutic Services

We provide help and support for children and young people who have experienced difficult times through early trauma abuse and separations.

Sunlight Care

We offer children's care with uniqueness and individuality, setting of new homes and troubleshooting staff, disciplinary coaching as it's a demanding business sector.

About us

Dedicated to the fulfilment of young peoples aspirations towards a brighter future

Sunlight Care is committed to providing excellent residential care and a safe warm caring environment for children and young people aged 08 -18 with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (EDB) enabling and empowering children and young people to express their cultural, ethnic, religious, sexual or social diversity, informing and promoting their rights as children and young people. Safeguarding at all levels to ensure children are being kept safe and reach their potential.

Manjit Singh Johal (Director)


5+ Children
8+ Staff
2+ Recognitions
4+ Years Of Service

We sincerely believe that by helping young people we can support them to build a hopeful, realistic future.

The staff team will work hard to ensure that the following ethos and values are an integral part of life at Sunlight Care: The staff will use a peerson centred approach and will concentrate on the individual viewing problems. The problems will not be seen as defining the young person and will not be the absolute focus of all our attention. Emphasis will be on:


Our homes work within a Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) therapeutic framework, supported by attachment theory, raising our presence as care givers in the process.

A Warm

From walking through our doors, young people are greeted by a warm, smiley, caring team, ready to help them through any confusion and turmoil.


Staff are selected through a vigorous assessment process, involving of the young people at the final stage. The majority of new recruits are already experienced and qualified.


Parents are encouraged to be involved by the completion of the “Parent Plan”. Every little helps us to help others.


We take the initial Local Authority Care Plan and aim to create a masterpiece, reaching above and beyond expectations. The young people are totally involved.


We bring a creative approach to behaviour management, every approach is personalised to the individual, no model is the same.

Key Working

Taking place regularly with young people, these highly productive sessions assist and inform decisions they may make in the future.


New recruits with limited qualifications and experience go through an intensive training programme and robust probationary period.

Easy to work with us. Learn more from our details

Helping young people, their families and carers to address issues and to be solution focused can lead to residential care being a positive experience at an important stage of the young person’s life.

We are working with our experience

The home caters for children that also have complex issues and who are experiencing developmental difficulties and problematic early life experiences, including attachment disorder, emotional behaviours and moderate to low learning difficulties.

  • Encouragement of life skills to help move forward in life.
  • Ensure young people have every right to the access of education and support in learning more and to progress into mainstream education if possible.
  • Be shown and mentored by staff good healthy options, sport, right use of the local provisions to help them gain skills or access courses and other wellbeing opportunities.

We offer both part-time and full-time care. Part-time care is defined as anything less than 1-4 hours per day with a minimum of 2 days per week while our full-time care is defined as anything over 5 hours per day also with a minimum of 2 days per week. We offer part-time schedules for all age groups, including infants at all of our locations.

Clouds Care offer each child support to independence and aftercare when they move on from our homes we offer 1-1 support and when Young people arrive and they need further support we have 2-1 support and waking nights to ensure children settle in safely and ongoing support and checkups with consent from LA and Social workers in agreement.

While we do provide drop-in care to previously enrolled families and their siblings, CCC does not provide this service to families who have not attended our centers in the past. We do not offer temporary care as we seek to build quality relationships with our families over time.